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Since the young age of five, Chef P has been cooking alongside family members like her uncle and father. Seeing how much fun they were having barbecuing, Chef P gravitated towards grilling and BBQ, becoming a self proclaimed pit master. At 16, Chef P went to culinary arts school while spending years gaining experience in the industry at Outback Steak House. The Atlanta native continued to learn and perfect her craft while in college where she learned to blend traditional Southern cooking with 5 star cuisine; having an emphasis on flavor and plate presentation.


Flash forward to age 23, Chef P opened up her first restaurant called Bumps BBQ, furthering her experience as a chef. While she didn’t continue with that physical location long, Chef P found other ways to get her cooking out there by birthing “Major Flava P”. Now, Chef P stays busy

With her private chef services,  pushing her signature seasoning called SAVOUR DUST, and pushing the culinary and creative envelope on and off screen. Beyond her culinary efforts, Chef P provides a fresh perspective on food shows with her own show MAJORFLAVA TV on Food and lifestyle TV


Chef P’s humble beginnings are just small steps towards her dream of  being a world renowned chef, and one of the first culinary entertainers  in the game sharing her talents and creativity with  the world. Currently, she is working on both a biography and a cookbook titled ‘Saga De La Flav’. Chef P offers a range of culinary services with a flare that can not be duplicated.

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